Discuss the Hindu understanding of karma and how this influences and is influenced by understandings of time, of life, of death


Word Count: 1000-1200 NO MORE, NO LESS.


I am in Kazakhstan studying so time difference tends to be a problem. To make things easier, I would like this paper completed within 24 hours of you accepting the assignment. 


-Writing quality is an assessment area.  Use your best, most professional communication in these papers, as this is a reflection of your skill and professionalism.


-These papers are explorations of information and experience.  They are not intended for casual opinion, nor are they opportunity for religious testimony.  The papers are expected to have a research component, even when the primary assignment is experiential.


-Students are expected to explore outside of the textbook and outside of the class in investigating their topic.  At least two reliable research sources must be used, with all material properly quoted and cited as to source.  “Reliable” sources include scholarly works, journal articles, newspaper articles, presented papers, documented interviews, and such.  “Wiki-“ anything is not considered a reliable source.  General references such as dictionaries, scripture texts, ask.com, general facts websites, and so on, may be used in addition to solid research sources, but they are not, themselves, counted among the required solid sources. 

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