Discovery and characterization of Arsenic (As)

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The papers should use Times New Roman 12 point letters and should have double spaced lines with normal margins.


The paper should be 5 pages long. There is a penalty of 10 point for every missing page.


The paper needs to follow the following format:

Ø  A title, your name, date and paper number

Ø  A short paragraph explaining your selection (Why did you choose this topic)

Ø  Introduction

Ø  Description of topic complete with data, illustrations and graphs if necessary (NOTE: While you can insert as many graphs, tables and images as you’d like, only the typed words will count toward the required 5 pages)

Ø  Conclusion

Ø  References (use ACS format)


The paper will be graded based on these criteria:

Ø  Following the required format (10 points)

Ø  Scientific content (50 points)

Ø  Appropriate scientific language (20 points)

Ø  Reason for the selection (10 points)

Ø  Proper references, min. 3/paper (10 points)

Plagiarism will not be accepted in any form. It is wrong to copy another student’s work, and it is wrong for a student to provide work for copying. It will be considered a violation of the Academic Honesty Policy and will result in disciplinary action in accordance with university policy.

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