Different documentation style guides/writing in different disciplines


Different documentation style guides/writing in different disciplines
In this course, as an English class, MLA-style documentation is used both in citing outside sources and in making up our list of Works Cited (called References in some other fields).

However, every discipline has a preferred documentation style, so it's a good idea to understand documentation "logic" and to be able to spot the differences between styles: This will allow you to easily adapt to the different requirements in a range of situations, whether in the classroom or at work.

Please write up a citation for one work in two of the documentation styles that you'll find at the back of LB (MLA, APA, Chicago, and CSE). One must be in MLA style; the other can be in one of the other three styles. (Nursing students, I suggest making APA your second style.) The citation should be written as though for a Works Cited or References list that comes at the end of a document.

After you've written up the two citations, discuss the differences between the two and see if you can find any difference in the citation logic (or other kinds of differences) in the two documentation styles you used.

While sometimes I encourage you not to look at anyone else's posting before you put up what you have to say, this time consider looking to see what kinds of outside sources others have already used in what styles, and try to do something a little different from everyone else. For example, one person might do an online article in PDF format in MLA- and APA-style documentation. You might then do a book in those two styles--or you might try doing an online article in PDF format in MLA and CSE styles

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