DeVry HRM 340 Human Resource Information Systems - JVA Corporation Simulation


Choose one of these three strategies:
1.Employees will receive absolutely no raises, and performance management is eliminated throughout the economic crises. Therefore employee wages will remain the same, regardless of position held; no performance reviews are given; and there will be no adjustments of missions, goals, and duties during this period.

2. Performance, as well as revenue, is reviewed every 6 months. This way it allows JVA Corp. to cut or increase pay every 6 months and review its bottom line. Employees can also benefit by having the opportunity to earn pay raises potentially twice a year, rather than the typical annual reviews.

3. Review and make any necessary changes to the guidelines for performance management within JVA Corp. First review the mission and goals for JVA Corp. Then review the requirement of each employee. A review of compensation packages is also necessary, to evaluate commission packages, expenses covered, perks, and necessity of onsite amenities that are currently covered.

The paper should address the appraisal process, performance management systems, ways to make performance management systems more effective, various classifications of rewards, the goal of the compensation administration, and compensation programs.
Learning Questions
In making your selection, be sure to consider the following concerns on the paper.
1. How permanent or temporary is the change?
2. How much will employees lose by the change?
3. How much will JVA Corp. save by the change?
4. How will it affect the employees?
5. How will it affect JVA Corp.?
6. How will it affect the community?
7. Should international employees be subject to the same changes?
8. Does it matter whether the employees are in its U.S. base or international locations?
Your total report must be between 500 and 750 words Be sure to use the questions above as your guide in selecting a recommended strategy. You are not required to answer each and every question specifically as long as your report addresses how you considered and evaluated each of these 8 concerns to determine the appropriate strategy, meets the word count range, and employs one of the three strategies above. Use 1.5 line spacing. Please remember you will be using information supporting your position from sources such as our textbook, articles, and the Internet.


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    DeVry HRM 340 Human Resource Information Systems - JVA Corporation Simulation

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