Developing Strategic HRM Plans


Reference GPHR functional area:  Strategic HR Management


Assume you are a HRM professional who has been asked to assist in the development of a HRM program for an organization in Latin America. The organization is very new and has a functional program based on an off-the-shelf HRM employee manual that adheres to local labor codes. This program, however, has no strategic component and there is no alignment with the executive leadership's vision, mission, goals, objectives, and current operations. The company is an aircraft manufacturer and aftermarket lease maintainer. The company has slightly less than three hundred employees, 98 percent being local national employees. Although the company currently has no international clients, it has plans to expand lease maintenance operations to as many international clients as possible. This means the company could soon get multiple contracts for airliner maintenance on an international basis. The organization has had some difficulty sourcing aviation mechanics but no problem recruiting manufacturing personnel. It has a strong cohort of first-line managers and junior managers, but senior managers are needed. In addition, none of the current senior managers are on board to support operation, manufacturing, or lease maintenance.

1. Evaluate the above scenario and develop HR strategies to support the organization's global strategic plans and business requirements.

2. Develop HR infrastructure and processes that support global business initiatives in which HR serves as an adaptable subject matter expert and credible business partner.

3. Explore HR processes to establish operations in new countries. In this scenario, the company will be acquiring one or more companies to augment the organization's capacity to meet the strategic goals of the organization.



Length of paper: 2–3 typed, double-spaced pages. APA format.

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