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Although the revision process is long, the importance of it is clear after reviewing the following articles. They illustrate the negative impact resulting from a failure to proofread. These “mistakes” not only cost these respected corporations money, but also impact their credibility in the minds of consumers. 

You may ask yourself, how could mistakes happen in a large corporation with a solid chain of command to catch errors? Read the examples from corporations like Dell and that underscore the importance of phase three of the writing process.

Dell Computers (

Dell Computers ( (

In your own thread, respond to the following:

1.Choose one of the cases. If you were an executive with this company, what would you do to prevent such problems in the future? Give a specific series of steps and explain how these actions would ensure such errors did not occur again. 

Review the Discussion Board, COM Recommended Deductions for Grammatical Errors, and COM Written Deliverables Expectations from the syllabus.

Make sure you remember to include references and use in-text citations, as well as follow all the other expectations explained in these documents

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