Decision Making and Philosophy: Philosophy and the Self

1. Identify A Decision About Which Reasonable Minds Can Disagree Most people often find it hard to reach an agreement when it comes to matters of faith.

2. Explain The Nature Of Belief And Identify The Beliefs And Values That Informed The Decision That Was Made When someone hears of the word belief, the first though that one has of is an idea.

3. Explain A Relevant Theory Of Human Freedom, Consciousness, And/or Reality. Theory of Determinism


4. Analyze How The Chosen Theory Might Approach The Decision, Including The Relevant Considerations And The Ultimate Conclusion Reached By applying the theory of determinism in relation to one's faith, implications that the society plays a critical role in shaping our beliefs and values arise. 

    • Posted: 5 years ago
    Decision Making and Philosophy: Philosophy and the Self

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