Decay of the American country from within.

This essay will argue how The United States of America has become, in this day and age, a nation corrupt from the inside, meaning it is decaying. Such arguments should discuss contemporary controversies such as the bailout, the war on terror, politicians in washington, or any of significant scandal. Try to center these arguments around the prompt, and include any other instances of gross corruption or scandal. Since it is in argument format, it would be wise to choose 3 main arguments, and supplement 2 pages per argument. try to stick to the facts and avoid inclusion until the concluding paragraphs. The intro should be 2 pages , and two pages for the conclusion. You will need to locate one book that correlates to the discussion, and it needs to be fairly new, and a legitimate source. You will also require at least 20 sources for this, which will only be needed where your concepts and facts are, usually in quote form or facts, so it will at your discretion to choose how many sources per page and they must be scholarly sources, obviously no encyclopedias or wikipedia etc. Other than that the prompt was quite liberal, as it is a critical thinking class, so have fun with it and try to really tackle the main concept of decay and corruption.

    • Posted: 6 years ago
    Decay of the American country from within

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