4.4.5 ProjectCitizen Reporter
Media Literacy (S2318458)
Points possible: 50
Date: ____________




It's a great big world out there, and you're just the person to write about it. Of all the exciting, strange, inspiring, and troublesome issues and people around you, what fascinates you? What would you like to know more about? What would you like to make sure other people know about? 

For this assignment, you'll write a citizen journalist's report about a current topic, event, work of art, or person in your community. Your report should be three to five paragraphs long and written in the first person. Use what you've learned about being a good reporter and writer, such as how to build credibility, use reliable sources, interview people, present data, and bring people and places to life through sensory details and developing an effective narrative style. 

You should specify how and where your report will appear. For example, will your report appear on your blog, in an online or print newspaper, or as a video clip or radio broadcast? Think about the audience you are targeting, as well as how your report will reach that audience. Consider how you can use different kinds of media to draw in your audience.
Read each question and evaluate your work. If the answer to the question is yes, check the box to the left. If the answer is no, go back and revise your work. Your teacher will use these same guiding questions to score your advertisement.

Quality of Ideas (30 points)

Did I demonstrate an understanding of the assignment by: (15 points)
 Writing about a topic, event, work of art, or person in my community? (The subject of my report should be clear to readers.)
 Writing my report in the first person?
Did I demonstrate my ability as a writer, my awareness of media choices, and my ability to target a specific audience by: (15 points)
 Using a form of media appropriate to reaching my intended audience?
 Using media thoughtfully and creatively?
 Thoroughly researching my subject and presenting my research in a relevant way?
 Thoroughly researching my subject and presenting my research in a way that enhances my credibility?

Form, Presentation, and Style (20 points)

Did I follow presentation requirements by:
 Presenting my report clearly and legibly? If I was unable to include digital media in this version, is my description of how I would incorporate these elements in future versions clear?
 Using sensory detail and narrative to craft a compelling report?
 Writing in a style appropriate to the form of media I've chosen for my report?
 Checking my written text for spelling and grammatical errors?

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