DDBA 8581 Final Paper and Flow Chart


DDBA 8581 Final Paper and Flow Chart

This assignment is for Human Resource Tutors only


The name of the company is Wal-Mart


Section 1 – Branding (5 – 7 pages)


Recommend a recruitment strategy that includes elements of both internal and external recruitment and is connected to the organization’s long–term vision and values.


Incorporate diversity and legal considerations.


Section 2 – Selecting for the future (5 – 7 pages)


What legal and ethical issues might arise during the succession planning process?


What skills or talents are needed for the long term, not just to replace positions?


How will interviews be conducted?


How will job descriptions provide the flexibility needed for succession planning?


Section 3 - Establishing a Culture and Structure for the Future (5 – 7 pages)


What training programs must be in place and will they be conducted by internal or external providers?


How can performance reviews be used to build structure for succession planning and training?


Which performance review methods would best support succession planning strategies?


What compensation strategies would best support a culture of succession planning?


How might affirmative action considerations affect training and development strategies?


Section 4 – Flow chart completion


Create A flowchart demonstrating an organizational chart with possible executive development career paths from a low–/entry–level position. Include a minimum of 4 organizational levels and whether each position would ideally be an internal/external recruit ideally. Specify the skills and training required for each.


Your Final Paper should adhere to APA format (6th edition), which requires a title page, an abstract, a reference list, and appropriate sections and their headings. A thorough review of the literature (minimum of 15 resources, with 85% being five or fewer years old and peer reviewed) that shows evidence of a potential research opportunity/gap that has not been discussed in the academic literature.

Must be free of pliagarism

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