1) describe what software you propose to use to develop the front-end GUI application for the new system. Be sure to justify your choice. Keep in mind portability, ease of use, scalability, and ability to update. What other options have you considered?


2)In setting up the servers and environment, do you propose to use middleware? If so, what kind, and where would you deploy it?


3)Provide a system diagram of the proposed system. Be sure to include such things as servers (application and database), user clients, and any other special pieces to the puzzle that you might think of.


4)Provide a detailed design of the GUI screen that facilitates renting out and returning movies. For every button, or other component that provides reaction to user's events, give detailed pseudocode. Also, clearly indicate where you would use any of the PL/SQL code that you developed for the labs in this course. If the application platform you have selected does not support PL/SQL then describe how you would take the processing developed in the procedures and functions and incorporate it into the system

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