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Submitted by smith_comp on Wed, 2014-01-22 17:57
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DB/Math for the BMI

Body Mass Index / MATH 133 Unit 3 Discussion Board

Submitted by smith_comp on Wed, 2014-01-22 18:00
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Body Mass Index / MATH 133 Unit 3 Discussion Board / A+ Work in APA format

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please downlaod the xxxxxxxxxx xxxx the xxxxx

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xxxx Mass xxxxx

xxx United xxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx more health conscious, and xx a xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx xxx xxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxx The Body xxxx Index xxxxxx xxxxxxx x xxxxxx’s xxxxxx xxx weight, xxx is xxxxx used to determine if xxxxxxx xx overweight. The table below tells the weight status for a given BMI.



xxxxxx Status

xxxxx xxxx


18.5 x xxxx


xxxx x 29.9


29.9 xxx above


The xxx is calculated using the xxxxxxxx

BMI = xxxxx / h2 xxxxx w xx xxx weight xx xxxxxx and h xx xxx height in inches.

xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxxx for h, xx xxx xxxx x = xxxxxxxxx x xxxx

xx Find xxx weight of your xxxxxxxx celebrity. This xxxxx xx a movie xx xxxxxxxxxx personality, xxxxxxxx politician xx even xxxxxxxxx

xx xxxxx the xxxxxx from part 1, determine xxx xxxxxx xxx celebrity would xxxx xx xx xx xxxxx xx xxxx into each xx xxx four xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xx the xxxxxx xx xxxxx words, xxxxxx a xxx less xxxx 18.5 xxxx value, xxx xxxx xx up) xxx

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