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Start Access, and then open the FirmPays database. Open the query named "Large Payments." View the query in SQL Format, and answer the following questions:

  • Which tables are used in the query?
  • Which fields are displayed in the query results?
  • What type of join, if any, is used between the tables?
  • What selection criteria are used?

Then, write a query in SQL in the FirmPays database that fulfills the following parameters:

  • Displays the AmtPaid, Firm#, DatePaid, and Payment#
  • Selects firm number 1119 and DatePaid between 6-1 and 6-10
  • Orders results by payment date

Assignment Guidelines:

  • Start Microsoft Access and open the FirmPays.mdb database.
  • Open the query called "Large Payments."
  • View the query in SQL Format, and in a Word document, answer the 4 questions outlined in the assignment description.
  • Create a new query in the FirmPays database, and write the SQL so that it fulfills the parameters listed in the assignment description.
  • Save a copy of the Access file named U4A1LastName.accdb


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