Data Structures and Implementation - Flowchart and sample code in C#


Due Date: Sat, 3/14/15

Deliverable Length:  Flowchart and sample code in C#

Students will create code to implement a hash algorithm and solution by addressing the following:

  • Create a flowchart to show the processing that will take place for the implementation of a hash structure.
  • Present the flowchart for the hash function operation separately.Write the necessary C# code that will create and use a hash algorithm to store data in a structure. Use a linked List to resolve potential collisions.

Assignment Objectives

MUST Be done in C#!!

  •   Employ an appropriate software development methodology


  •  Choose the appropriate data structure and algorithm for solving a problem


  •  Use and implement fundamental abstract data types such as arrays, lists, stacks, hash tables, and  queues

APA 6th Edition Format, 12 font, Times New Roman, All work cited within document in addition to page of references used if needed.

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