Data Statistics/Hypothesis testing making inferences from a sample


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Scenario :

Imagine that the drug for severe depression from this week’s Discussion was approved for use in humans. Researchers now want to know whether people using this drug have a different life expectancy than the rest of the general population. A sample of 100 patients who use the drug are followed over time. Those that use the drug have a mean life expectancy of 71.30 years. The mean life expectancy for the general population is 75.62 years. The population standard deviation is 28.




To complete this Assignment, submit by Day 7 responses to the following:


  • Identify the independent and dependent variables.
  • Explain whether the researcher should use a one-tailed or a two-tailed z test and why.
  • State the null hypothesis in words (not formulas).
  • State the alternative hypothesis in words (not formulas).
  • Calculate the obtained z score by hand and state the critical value with an alpha of .05. Provide your calculations in your Assignment submission.
  • Would you retain or reject the null hypothesis? Why?
  • Explain whether the results are significant, and why or why not.
  • What should the researcher conclude about the life expectancy of the sample in comparison to the population?
  • In general, explain the relationship between z scores and the standard deviation.


Provide an APA reference list.


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