Based on the network topology in the below diagram answer the questions.

  1. How would you use TI, Frame Relay, ATM or MPLS
  2. How would you use DSL or Cable modems
  3. How would you use VPN
  4. What type of attacks would you expect and how would you protect from those attacks
  5. How would you physically protect the equipment
  6. How would you restrict access to user computers if they are stolen or lost.

Remember to think of this as a company that has multiple users accessing the resources remotely.  Their is a building with multiple apartments.  Their is an office inside of the building and also many users live within the building.  All users will need to have access to the Internet.  Most user in the building use wireless and some use regular telephone for emergencies.  Remoter user must be able to access resources from the main office securely.  All users and remote devices must be secure.

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