d1 and two


Write: Based on the feedback you received in Week Three during the peer-review process, as well as the feedback you received from your instructor and your classmates throughout the course, address the following in your post:

  • Describe the main areas of your paper that you need to work on as well as areas that your reviewers felt you did well on.
  • How will/did you remedy any areas of weakness in your paper?
  • Did your reviewer feel you did a solid job addressing your purpose in the personal essay?
  • Did you effectively reach your audience? Why, or why not?
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    ENG 121 play book

    Based on your experience taking our course, fill out the “My Ashford University Course Playbook” handout.

    •Fill out the section of the document entitled “ENG121: English Composition 1.”

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    due at 3pm

  • only the english section

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    d1 and two

    Post your original paragraphs and your final, revised paragraphs in the discussion. Be sure to label them accordingly. Then, in 200 to 300 words, describe your Grammarly experience. Address …

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    My Ashford University Playbook.

    Please view the videoAttaching Documents to Discussionsfor assistance attaching word documents in your discussion post.

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