Your client wants to see new customer segments that might be interested in the new and improved product. For additional information on how to develop a customer profile, visit this Web site.

Develop a brief customer profile for your client. The profile will include the following:

  • Choose 2 new customer segments for the newly repositioned brand, and name them. You can make up a name based on their characteristics. For example, if you were selling a coffee brand, you might have Serious Sippers as a customer segment and Dabble Drinkers as a second segment.
  • Identify the primary and secondary markets.
    • The primary market is often larger than the secondary market. These customers are often the primary users of the product.
    • The secondary market can include in-between customers who might occasionally use or be interested in the product.
  • Detail the demographics and the psychographics of both segments.
    • Include the basic characteristics of your current and potential customer, such as age, income, education, and geographic locations.
    • Evaluate your customers’ lifestyles, such as hobbies and other interests.


Oakes, S. (n.d.). Tips to create a customer profile. Retrieved from the M4B Marketing Web site:

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