Cust Service Company


Identify a company to evaluate and research. Be sure to identify a company that you are able to gather enough information about so that you can fulfill each component of the project. Ideally the company you choose should have the following:

  • Strong customer base
  • Customer service representatives that regularly interact with customers
  • Website
  • An opportunity for you to interact with them, either in person, on the phone, or via the Internet
  • Information about the company that you can access through the Internet or a library
  • Customer service training program for employees

Once you have determined the company that you would like to use for this project, write a one-page paper that includes the following:

  • Company name and general description that includes history, years in business, and number of employees ( One paragraph of 5-6 sentences)
  • Products and/or services they provide  and  describe its primary customers (4-5sentences)
  • How do they meet the needs of customers? (1 paragraph of 3-5 sentences)
  • Why you chose them for this project (1 paragraph of 3-5 sentences)
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