current event essay


Essay shouldn't be  more than 600 words. Please write about the 2016 debate.

due at 11:59 PM EST time. Please write in the same style in the attached file. Thanks 

Current Event Guide 


The student will find an article


newspaper story, or blog that dis-cusses something  related to Ameri-can


politics/government. “Current” is defined as being published within the last 3 months. Please include a hyperlink to


your article in your as-signment. The assignment should be about one page and containing at least answers to the




1) Basic Information (Citation at top) 


a) What is the title and source of the article? 


2) Summary (1st paragraph) 


a) Briefly, and in your own words, summarize the content of the article (five sentences minimum) 


b) Include specifics and details from the article (quotes, statistics, facts, etc.) 



3) Reaction (2nd paragraph) 


a) What are your thoughts or opin-ions on the topic discussed in the article? (five sentences minimum) 


-Please include a word count at the bottom.

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