Cultural Diversity Paper



For this essay, pick a significant of piece of art, literature, or music that represents a particular ethnic or racial group in America. Alternately, you could pick a specific philosopher, religious leader or theologian, political leader or writer who represents an ethnic or racial group in America. Write a 500-800 word essay in which you


  1. Offer a brief description of the work or the person's point of view.
  2. Argue for the importance and relevance of the work or person's point of view in communicating the experience of a particular ethnic or racial group within the American context.


For instance, you could discuss how Elijah Muhammad’s view on race relations expressed the early 19th century post-slavery African American experience, or discuss how an Amy Tan novel represents the female Chinese American experience, or how a sculpture by Hank Willis Thomas communicates something about the history of the African American experience, or how a Sherman Alexie poem communicates the Native American experience.


Make sure that your essay has a main point and that you offer enough evidence to support that main point in the form of specific examples or descriptions.


Be sure to cite your sources!


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