The documentary film Salud provides an international perspective on one of the most pressing of social issues access to healthcare.
What did this film show about the Cuban system that helps shed light on the U.S. healthcare system?
Please recalling Cuba's healthcare access and funding policies and comparing and contrasting them with those of the U.S.
Please Answer / Post your responses to the following Questions:
1. Compare and contrast the Cuban healthcare system with the U.S. system in terms of Quality and Access
2. State your own views on the strengths and weaknesses of U.S. policies on healthcare. 
3. What would you change in the U.S. system? 
4. Are there pieces in the Cuban healthcare system that you think the U.S. should adapt?
The written assignments must follow APA guidelines. Please support the writing with 
citations in the text and references and follow APA guidelines. 

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