As I was on a hike the other day I came across a small child in the woods. He told me his life story, with special mention of his disabled sister who loves flowers, and asked me for a favor.
He wanted a way to organize the flowers that he picks for her each day and perform a few basic tasks with them, along with a few restrictions. It is our goal to help him out!
• He can only carry 25 flowers as adding any more causes many of them to become crushed.
• He should be able to add and remove flowers by using their name.
• He needs to be able to search for a specific type of flower in his pack in case his sister has a special request.
• He needs to be able to sort flowers by their names alphabetically in ascending order (A-Z)
• He needs to show how many of each flower he has in his pack.
Now, I have started a simple program which will serve as guidance for you, please help me finish it. (Please don’t modify the code that I give you, just add your code where required)
import java.util.Scanner;
public class Assignment01Driver {
public static void main(String[] args){
new Assignment01Driver ();
// This will act as our program switchboard
public Assignment01Driver (){
Scanner input = new Scanner(;
String[] flowerPack = new String[25];
System.out.println("Welcome to my flower pack interface.");
System.out.println("Please select a number from the options below");
// Give the user a list of their options
System.out.println("1: Add an item to the pack.");
System.out.println("2: Remove an item from the pack.");
System.out.println("3: Sort the contents of the pack.");
System.out.println("4: Search for a flower.");
System.out.println("5: Display the flowers in the pack.");
System.out.println("0: Exit the flower pack interfact.");
// Get the user input
int userChoice = input.nextInt();
case 1:
case 2:
case 3:
case 4:
case 5:
case 0:
System.out.println("Thank you for using the flower pack interface. See you again soon!");
private void addFlower(String flowerPack[]) {
// TODO: Add a flower that is specified by the user
private void removeFlower(String flowerPack[]) {
// TODO: Remove a flower that is specified by the user
private void sortFlowers(String flowerPack[]) {
// TODO: Sort the flowers in the pack (No need to display them here) - Use Selection or Insertion sorts
// NOTE: Special care is needed when dealing with strings! research the compareTo() method with strings
private void searchFlowers(String flowerPack[]) {
// TODO: Search for a user specified flower
private void displayFlowers(String flowerPack[]) {
// TODO: Display only the unique flowers along with a count of any duplicates
* For example it should say
* Roses - 7
* Daffodils - 3
* Violets - 5

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