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CS 192 test questions 1-44

All answers are bold in word document

Submitted by rckumhar on Sat, 2013-08-10 08:30
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xx 192 test questions 1-44

1. Global variables xxx known to the entire xxxxxx

A) True xx False


A class xxxxxxx consists of x ____ divided into xxxxx xxxxxxxxx

xx square xx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx


Programmers refer to xxxxxx implementation xxxxxxx xx existing in a ____.

A) xxxxx box B) white hole xx xxxxx box xx black hole


xxxx is xxx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx a new, derived xxxxx xxxx x base class.

xx Accessibility B) Encapsulation C) Inheritance xx xxxxxxxxxxxx


xx xxxxxx xx x xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxx

A) True B) False


An instance xxxxxx xx constructor xxx be xxxxxxxxxx xx providing the same xxxx and ____ xxxxxxxx xxxxx

A) x xxxxxxxxx xx the same C) x larger D) a smaller


x method’s xxxx xxxxxxxx of the method’s xxxxxxxxxxx

A) xxxx xx space C) space D) group


x constructor xxx xxxxxxx ____.

A) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xx inheritance


xxxxxxxxxx xx an object, and xxxxx object xx x member of x

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