1.       In a 1 page well constructed essay, discuss the major differences between the various theories which are used to explain criminal behavior? What theory in your opinion best explains this?


·         Excessive force is a form of police misconduct (or corruption). In 3 paragraphs, explain where the "line" should be drawn when "using the amount of force necessary to control a suspect" and what some would call "brutality." Please use outside resources to answer this question.

·         Community policing is an approach by which the community and other “stakeholders” work together with the local police to define community needs and implement crime prevention strategies. This approach has a lot of popularity in many communities and law enforcement circles since its implementation in 1994 (resulting in the adoption of the concept by over 12,000 police departments since that time).  Obviously, law enforcement and the communities they serve have spent a lot of time, money and effort on this concept.  Has the money, time and effort been well spent?  Has the overall result been positive or negative?  Why or why not?  Provide at least one specific, real-world example that supports your thoughts.



3. Many people wonder how an attorney could act as defense counsel for certain people and question the ethics of that attorney. As an example, one might look to the attorney who defended Casey Anthony in her recent murder of her child (Florida). What do you think? Should the ethics of Casey Anthony’s attorney be questioned? What about OJ Simpson’s attorney? Should an attorney agree to defend an unpopular person who many people believe is guilty? Why do you feel the way you do?






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