Directions: Respond to the following prompts.  Each answer must be a minimum of three quarters of one page in length and utilize APA guidelines for formatting and citations.


1.            Name three men commonly recognized as one of the first detectives in the area of criminal investigations and give an overview of their contribution(s) to the field.


2.            Discuss computer-aided investigation, specifically Comp-stat.  Include when, where, and by whom it was implemented, the four principles it was built around, and how computers can help investigators.


3.            What is the real purpose of a criminal investigation?


4.            What are the major goals of a criminal investigation?


5.            What are some characteristics of effective investigators?


6.            What type of statements are spontaneous statements made at the time of a crime, concerning and closely related to actions involved in the crime? They are often considered more truthful than later, planned responses.


7.            Protection against lawsuits includes what four elements?


8.            What legal statute states that anyone who acts under the authority of law and who violates another person’s constitutional rights can be sued?


9.         As a police investigator, what is one of the best ways to avoid lawsuits or to defend oneself if sued?

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