Directions: Read the questions below and write a response.  Your answer to each question should be at least the requested length that is specified in each prompt. 


1.            Step 1: Design an approach to juvenile justice for the United States that takes the best and prohibits the worst elements from systems in other countries in the world.  Step 2: Use a bulleted list for the best elements from other countries that you would incorporate into your approach.  Use a second bulleted list for the worst elements from other countries that you would prohibit from your approach.  For each of the bullet points, identify the country that employs that approach and write a one-sentence justification for why you are including or excluding it from your approach.  This should be at least one page in length.


2.         Step 1: Locate and read a news article that discusses a societal issue related to why juveniles become offenders.  Research news articles in your local area or nationally. You can use your local library or a news search engine, such as the News tab on GoogleStep 2: Write a summary of the article that is at least one page in length and state whether you agree or disagree with it.  Are there caveats that are not presented in the article?  Is the article misleading or does it generalize the behaviors of only a small percentage of juveniles?  Is the article slanted in any way?  Explain.  Use proper APA citations to indicate your sources.

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