Criminal Justice Position Paper


Position Paper 2 Instructions

The purpose of this paper is to rebut your position in Position Paper 1. You must convince the readers that the evidence and findings of Position Paper 1 are wrong. As such, the information provided must be based on a strong foundation of factzs with evidence from credible academic and scholarly sources. Remember, peer-reviewed articles are best.

Any of the references used in Position Paper 1 may be used again, however 3 new references are required. In addition, the textbook (chapters 9–13) must be used as a reference to cite at least 1 countering argument to Position Paper 1. The paper should follow strict APA guidelines. All sources must be properly cited. The paper must consist of 900–1,200 words.

At a minimum, the following sections are required:

Position Statement – A brief paragraph identifying the issue(s), with a position statement (Develop a clear and concise position statement).

Review of Literature – This heading should have at least two subheadings (Background of Opposing Position and Supporting Evidence). Since this is a review of the literature, adequate citations should be included within each subheading.

Conclusion – Provide recommendations and possible courses of action. Citations can be used here to support your recommendations.

This paper is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.

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