Crime in America – Gangs

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Instructions & Guidance on Extra Credit ‘Issue Papers’

Extra Credit: For extra credit, students may write 5 to 10 page papers. These ‘extra credit papers’
may be “issue papers” (ie, have at least two sides (pro & con) and include your personal opinion about the topic, with rationale) or a conventional ‘topic paper’ (ie, a narrative essay about the topic).

Sources: Papers must have at least two ‘acceptable’ sources (‘Wikipedia’ is NOT considered an acceptable source); more sources are better. A “works cited” page must accompany the paper.

Format: For “Topic Papers”: Complete a conventional essay about an approved topic.
For “Issue Papers”: First, summarize the issue, then discuss the ‘pros & cons’ of the issue; point out who wants what & why, and describe what the outcome might be if the issue is resolved one way versus another, then give your personal opinion regarding the issue, with rationale.

Length: Papers must be a minimum of 5 pages in length and may be as long as 10 pages; students may write any combination of 5 to 10 page papers for a total of up to 15 pages for 15 points extra credit (1 point per page)… only 5 to 10 page papers will be accepted.

Credit: ‘Good’ papers receive one (1) point per full page, for a total of up to fifteen (15) points of extra credit. Papers must use proper grammar and sentence structure. Papers with bad grammar or less than full pages, get less credit. Points are added to your test grades and averaged, NOT added to your overall course grade

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    Crime in America – Gangs

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