Create a program that automatically generates words from letters Solution

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Create  a  program  that  automatically  generates  words from  letters.  Your  program/project  should  be  called 

[YourName] (replace [YourName] with your actual name). 

The program should ask the user for 5letters and then build valid English words using those letters (use each 

letter only once) and output them in a table format(showing per line: the word, its length, and its number of 

points) and organized (ordered) by one of these criteria: 

Criteria  Name  Meaning and Order 

1  Length  Determine the length of the words (the number of letters in the word) and show 

the words in the decreasing order of the word length 

2  Points  Determine  the  total  number  of  points  (the  sum  of  the  points/values  for  each 

letter from the word – see the footnote 


) and show the words in the decreasing 

order of the total number of points 


For example for the 

letters C, J, A, V, A, for the 

criterion 1, the output 

should be: 


JAVA  4  17 

AVA  3  7 

VAC  3  10 

AA  2  2 

For the criterion 2, the 

output should be: 


JAVA  4  17 

VAC  3  10 

AVA  3  7 

AA  2  2 


The  program  should  allow  the  user  to  select  and  change  the  criterion 

and select a different set of letters (i.e. play again). The program should 

work  for  any  combination  of  letters  but  no  other  characters.  The 

program  should  be  user-friendly  (have  a  good  enough interface  that 

allow  the  user  to  easily  use  the  program)  and  be  well-documented 

(follow the Assignment Code Convention, explain what each line of code 


To validate the words, your program should read thelist of valid words 

from  the  attached  file  WORDS.txt and  store  it  in  the  memory  in  a 

structure that would facilitate the search for words, letter, or groups of 

letters. You can use a one-dimensional array or oneor more arrays. 

Take a  screenshotof the editor window (showing the output) and save

it  as  [YourName]-Screenshot (make  sure  you  preserve  the  image  file 

extension) or paste the screenshot(s) in a documentcalled [YourName]-Screenshot.  Replace  [YourName]  with  your  actual  name.  If  you  have 

different output you want to capture in your screenshot or the output 

does not fit on one screenshot, create and submit different screenshot 


Create a ZIP archive containing the project folder  and call it  [YourName]  Replace [YourName] 

with your actual name. 

After you make the code work as requested above, you can try to earn extra points by making the program 

better (quality of code, interface, speed, memory usage, etc)  without removing any requests above. Email 

me with your proposal for improvements/extra thingsto do and I will let you know if you can get extra

points for that and how many. 

SUBMIT  the [YourName], [YourName], [YourName]-Screenshot, and all the other 

classes you created for the project on eCampus under the Final Project. 


The value (number of points) for each letter are listed in the table below: 

Letter:  A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z

Value:  1  4  4  2  1  4  3  3  1  10  5  2  4  2  1  4  10  1  1  1  2  5  4  8  3  10

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