Create a logical data model

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i am seeking help on the following assignment

Create a logical data model.

You have been given a file that contains the following fields related to CD information:

  • Group name
  • Names of musicians in group
  • Date group was formed
  • Name of group's agent
  • CD title 1
  • CD title 2
  • CD title 3
  • CD 1 length
  • CD 2 length
  • CD 3 length

Using the steps of normalization, create a logical data model that represents this file in 3NF. Assume that the "Names of musicians in group" contains a list of the names of the members in the group and that groups can have more than one CD, so both the group name and CD title are needed to uniquely identify a particular CD. Produce a physical DFD as a result.

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    Create a logical data model A+ Tutorial use as Guide

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