create an interactive, digital information resource

Assessment 4: Project 15% Overview This unit involves collecting, organising and presenting information. The project is to create an information resource involving all these aspects. Details You are required to create an interactive, digital information resource for a topic related to one of your university units you have studied (or are currently studying) at UWS. It should relate to one concept only. If possible, make it a concept that students find difficult to learn. The aim is to produce a resource that other students would find useful and interesting (and actually teach them). The type of resource could include - • a simulation using hyperlinks in Powerpoint • a narrated Powerpoint presentation • a YouTube video followed by a quiz • an interactive PDF • a Prezi presentation • a wiki content management design in a collaborative website environment • a Wordpress content management design for creating a website or blog (for computing students) • a mobile app (for computing students) or • something creative (you’re own idea that matches the marking criteria) The project artefacts can be of different size and quality, which are subject to the information resource context and a set of features to be implemented. The aspects of this project are determined by the type of information resource, media format, development platforms, technical skills, time and budget, potential users of the product etc. The project topic and size should be worked out during the design stage. You are asked to relate a chosen topic to ONE concept only, which is to avoid an oversized work and make the topic cohesive and manageable. The project work is diverse and with creative ideas, there might not be a well pre-defined model. However, there are examples and applicable guidelines to refer to. Detailed instructions and examples of each type of the above will be placed in vUWS. You are suggested to apply a disciplined design scheme using Learning Resource Card and...

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create an interactive, digital information resource A+ Tutorial use as Guide

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