Create database applications that interface the internet.

Design, develop, and implement relational databases for a set of data.
Apply the fundamentals of the underlying programming language to create database scripts.
Create database applications that utilize an event-driven environment.
Structure a database using object-oriented concepts of classes, properties, and methods.
Implement techniques for debugging and error handling in the creation of database scripts.
Create database applications that interface the internet.
Final Project outline and requirements
The final project should be worked on and completed each week throughout the course.
Overview:  Plan and create a relational database and Web GUI used to input data in to the database from the Web. 
The database will contain at least 4 tables each consisting of at least 4 columns and 16 rows of data.  All data should be filled in and can be real or fictitious.  
The web page should allow users to enter information manually (free-form text fields) and contain pre-defined fields such as drop down or calendar (date/time) boxes and buttons.  
Here is just one idea for this project:
IT Help-desk System
* Support Calls
* Support Categories
* Resolutions
* Machines
* Software
* Help-desk Staff 
In Week 7, submit all documents, queries and database file to the appropriate drop box.  Please place the queries in to the proposal documentation and submit.  Submit the database as a second upload.  You will have 2 submissions uploaded for this project in Week 7.  Compress submissions and submit.
Submission 1 to include:
Proposal document
Copy of queries, stored procedures and views
Draft of web page and functionality
Submission 2 to include:
Copy of database to be reviewed in Oracle Express.
The Final Project is worth 200 Points.

Submit Final Draft of Planning and Implementation document (Submission 1)

Then submit compressed database file (Submission 2)
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