create and test two HTML documents






Creat and test an html documents that has at least a half page of text and a small box of text embedded on the left margin with main text flowing around the small box. 

The embedded text must appear in a smaller font and also must be set in italic



2)Creat and test an HTML documents that discribes nested order lists of cars

the auther list must have three entrise: compact, midsize, and sports. Inside each of these three lists there must be

two sublists of body styles. The compact-car and midsize-car sublists are two door and four door; the sports-car sublists are coupe and convertible.

 Each body-style sublist must have at least three entries, each of which is the make and model of a particular car thet fits the category.

 The outer list must use uppercase Roman numerals, the middle lists must use uppercase letters, and the inner lists must use Arabic numerals.

The background color for  The compact-car list must be pink; for the midsize-car list,it must be blue; for the sports-car list, it must red.

 All the style must be in a documents style sheet.

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