court room observation(preferably a lawyer or someone familiar in the court rooms )


D. Four to Six pages on Court Room observation. Go to a County Circuit Court and find a courtroom with TRIAL in progress and observe. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE TO OBSERVE AT A DISTRICT COURT. It is helpful to stop by the Jury Room or the Assignment Clerk’s Office and ask for assistance as they are more than happy to help. You must stay a minimum of two (2) hours. Paper must include:


Date and Time; (I will make up)

- Judge, type of case(s); (I will make up)

- Observation and issues involved, including discussion on parties, Judge, attorneys and issues;

- What you learned/impression, minimum of 2 pages;

- Double-spaced, 12 point type, Times New Roman (or similar) font.

*** Please do not try to spend two hours observing a criminal call, motion call, domestic case call or anything other than a trial. It will not yield any points and will materially affect your grade on this assignment.


(Feel free to make up information to fufill the needs of the assignment. )

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