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1. The information below shows the areas that I need to write on. There need to be 4 to 5 pages long combined for all of the areas, so a page can be written for a., b. c....etc.·       Each member of the team will assemble at least five scholarly academic references that will be used to write the paper (refer to Week 1’s tutorial on Scholarly References). Each student will list his or her references using APA format, and provide a brief explanation of each resource indicating how that resource will be used. The focus should be upon the student’s specific research assignment. An approximate length of this bibliography is between two to three pages.

I.    Nanotechnology :  The technology in its cultural context, media influence

a.  Nanotechnology many forms of development; computer hardware, sporting equipment

b.  Its effect/impact on American culture and other developed nations

c.  Media influence playing a major role in advertising nanotechnology

d.  Types of media or outlets used: advertisement through television, radio, and social media websites such as Facebook and twitter.


Note: The requirement is 1page per subtopic(a, b, c, d) and two to three pages of bibliography.


The total pages needed is 6 pages which it need to be in APA format.



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