Correlation & Regression Case Studies

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Correlation & Regression Case Studies
Case Study 1
The researcher is interested in the relationship among variables that have been defined as effectiveness variables. He wants to know if there is a relationship between students’ total community sore as measured by the Classroom Community Scale (Rovai, 2002) and the total perceived learning scores as measured by the Perceived CAP Learning Scale (Rovai et al., 2009). As he found that males and females differ on their total perceived learning scores, he would like to examine the relationship between these variables while controlling for gender. What analysis needs to be run to answer to answer this inquiry, and what are the results?

Case Study 2 
The researcher is also interested in knowing if students’ sense of community can predict their GPA. If community is a significant factor in predicting GPA, the university may want to consider classroom interventions aimed at increasing student’s sense of community. What analysis needs to be run to answer this question, and what are the results?


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Correlation & Regression Case Studies

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