Corrections 1 to 2 pages apa format references needed

  • Pay attention to specific treatment and prevention programs such as the "Nurse-Family Partnership" and "Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime." Consider how and why these programs have been able to reduce delinquency and crime. Also, reflect on the similarities and differences between these programs.
  • Review the article, "Assessing Correctional Rehabilitation: Policy, Practice, and Prospects." Reflect on why Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is a model rehabilitation program. Compare and contrast this program with the other programs you read about. Which program is most effective at reducing criminal and delinquent involvement?
  • Choose two treatment and rehabilitation programs from the course readings. Reflect on the main elements of each program and how they conform to the principles of effective intervention.
  • Consider the similarities and differences between the two programs you selected. Think about how each program affects inmates.

The assignment (1–2 pages):

  • Compare (similarities and differences) the treatment and rehabilitation programs you selected. Be sure to address how each program impacts inmates.
  • Based on your comparison, explain at least one insight you gained or conclusion you drew about the treatment and rehabilitation programs used in the correctional system






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