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"Coordination is the essence of Management.' Discuss

Submitted by shahimermaid on Sat, 2012-01-21 12:49
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xxx Management is xxx xxx xx getting xxxxxx done xxxx xxxxxxx xxx management involves getting teams together xxx then xxxxxxxxxxxx among them.

Co-ordination xx the xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx synchronization of xxx efforts of xxxxx members xx xx to provide unity xx xxxxxx xx xxx pursuit xx common goals. xx xx x xxxxxx force xxxxx xxxxx xxx the xxxxx functions xx management.

xxxxxxxxx xx Mooney xxx Reelay, “Co-ordination is orderly arrangement xx group efforts to xxxxxxx unity of xxxxxx xx the xxxxxxx xx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx to xxxxxxx xxxxxx “Co-ordination is xxx integration of xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxx an xxxxxxx hole to xxxxxxx the xxxxxxx xx understanding”.

Management seeks xx achieve co-ordination xxxxxxx xxx xxxxx functions xx planning, xxxxxxxxxxx staffing, directing xxx controlling. That is why, xxxxxxxxxxxxx xx not x separate xxxxxxxx of management xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx of harmony between individuals xxxxxxx towards achievement of xxxxx goals xx a key xx xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx

Co-ordination xx xxx xxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxxx xxx is implicit xxx inherent in xxx functions of xxxxxxxxxxx

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