Consider this scenario. You are the network administrator for a city arts centre. The centre is expanding. During a six...

Consider this scenario. You are the network administrator for a city arts centre. The centre is expanding. During a six month closure period you have been given the task of redesigning the network to facilitate a number of changes to the centre’s services. You have been asked to submit a plan for the installation and configuration of required network protocols only. Currently there is a single art gallery with free entry to the public and an administrative office with 15 desktop computers (using Windows 7 Professional), plus two printers. A class C public address is supplied with a broadband router. The art centre is using the private network address Expansion plans include: the opening of a new adjacent building for musical and theatre performance; a new administrative office for the new building with 10 computers, plus two printers; a new gallery for travelling exhibitions, where visitors will pay an entry fee; 10 computer terminals in the travelling exhibition gallery so that visitors have access to information about the gallery and the artwork on display; 30 computer terminals in the main public gallery for similar purposes. Network requirements are: four subnets, one for each of the administrative offices and one for each of the galleries server/s to authenticate users and act as a file server for each of the administrative areas file server/s to store content for each gallery server to download antivirus definitions using FTP and to update all art centre computers one or more DHCP and DNS servers internet access for all art centre computers administrative staff will need email access and FTP access to the art centre’s website scalable network design as another two galleries are expected to open within five years Complete these tasks: Write a report that includes: proposed IP addressing scheme with subnet, static address, and address pool details network diagram of the design (use software with diagramming features, eg Microsoft Visio) list of networking protocols required list of TCP/IP ports required to enable firewall configuration recommended operating systems and network equipment how the network will be tested after protocols have been installed justification and validation for your design decisions
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