Consciousness for psychology


Make sure to incorporate what you have learned from the chapter in your responses to the questions below. Please answer the question like that:




1. Give an example of a situation in which your “state of consciousness” have been altered in some way. The chapter covers topics such as sleep and dreaming, drugs, hypnosis, meditation and religious experiences. Thus, you may choose any one of these as sources for your example. Describe this experience by using terms in the chapter.


2. Click this link - When you get to the webpage, scroll down a bit and click the "VoD" link to the right of the program description for one of the following videos:
(a) Video #13 called "The Mind Awake and Asleep”
(b) Video #14 called "The Mind Hidden and Divided”.


Each video is about 26-minutes in length. Choose only one of these videos to watch. Point out which part of that video you found most interesting or intriguing? Explain your answer.

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