Computer Science Project - Computer Security

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My outline for the project is: The topic: computer Security Introduction:I will discuss computer Security In this paper as well as aspects in ethical challenging that facing people who dealing with Computer Security.
The Position or Thesis on the Topic: Computer Security is very important for organizations and if not implied properly it may have a very big impact on its overall working system. This is the key responsibility of organization to have a system, which will be in place and having computer security infrastructure implemented. There are many attacks, which may happen if Computer Security is not implemented and they always account for the organization.
The Roadmap Outlining: - Introduction.- What is computer Security?-Computer Security Roles.- There are many attacks, which may happen if Computer Security is not implemented what are they ?- Computer Security Types.- The Risks of Using Computer without Security.- Computer Security Advantages.- Ethics solutions and Suggestions.

Conclusion: Computer security is integral  part of any organization, if any organization has started working in, immediately it should start Computer security for its system if they want to protect their system for future, this will guarantee a smoother operations in an organization and that too in a protected environment.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This should be a 10-15 page paper, showing evidence of substantial research. The paper should be correct in style (grammar, spelling and punctuation) and use footnotes to give proper credit to the sources it cites.

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