Computer Science Assignment - Enterprise Resource Planning

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Answer all of the questions in detail and provide any internet resources that are used to answer any of these questions.


1.     Distinguish between the terms  ‘ERP implementation’ and ‘ERP configuration’




2.     Explain the purpose of the entity ‘Company Code’. How many company codes can an enterprise have and why?




3.     Explain the purpose of a chart of accounts.  How many Charts of Accounts can a company code have, and why? 




4.     What is the purpose of creating fiscal year variants? How many Fiscal Year Variants can be assigned to a company code?




5.     How many Credit Control Areas can be assigned to a company code? Why?




6.     In SAP what does ‘Valuation Area’ mean? Why did you set your valuation area to plant level?




7.     Can a Purchasing Organization be assigned to more than one company code? Explain.




8.     In the General Ledger, Accounts are assigned to Account Groups.  What are these account groups, and what is the point of classifying accounts this way?




9.     Explain the purpose of Reconciliation Accounts and GR/IR accounts.




10. In SAP what is the purpose of defining a posting period variant?




11. What are ‘Input’ and ‘Output’ tax accounts in SAP?




12. Explain the difference between Trading Goods Consumption Expense Account and Cost of Goods Sold Account.




13. What is the purpose of Vendor Account Groups?




14. What would you need to create a Vendor Master Record centrally rather that in functional departments?




15. Identify the main functions of a purchasing department and the SAP master data it requires.




16. Identify the main functions of Inventory Management (Warehouse) and the Master Data it requires.




17. Identify the main functions of Financial Accounting and the Master Data it requires.  




18. Explain why adopting a process view of organizations may lead to better management.




19. Explain the purpose of setting ‘Parameters’ and ‘Tolerances’ in SAP configuration.





20. Explain the ‘Document Principle’ as used in SAP. What information is presented in the ‘header’ section of a document versus the ‘line item’ section?

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