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Use GLUT primitives to draw a chocolate chip cookie.  
A) First create a chocolate  chip using GLUT.  First use  either glFrustrum()  or  glPerspective () so we get a nice 3-D view.   Take GLUT solid sphere and apply the scaling linear-transformation as a model transformation (remember the transformation stack, flipped-to us but algebraically valid).    That makes a flat cookie (color it RGB =  < 203, 150, 82  > using the 0-255 integer scale).       

B) Add chocolate chips (spheres) on the surface, so only the part of the upper hemispheres stick out.  Chips need to be nice and chocolate colored (try  
RGB =  <  61,  24,  5 >  using the 0-255 integer scale).        
Staple source code and rendering and hand in. 

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