Computer Art homework


HW 4 HUA 125 Movie Poster


Movie posters are often very interesting dynamic designs.  For this assignment, you’ll create a fictitious movie poster from of these genres:


  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Sci fi
  • Romance
  • Drama
  • History
  • Documentary



  1. Create a Photoshop document that is 8” x 10” at 200 dpi resolution.
  2. The background layer will contain your main image
  3. The layers above will contain assorted images
  4. The top layer will contain a type layer for the movie title.
  5. Blend layers together to create an image that sets the mood for your movie and create a complex composite image.
    Save the file as a layered psd file.

  6. You must use:

·         1 layer mask

·         1 color mode such as color burn or color dodge

·         1 instance of the transform tools

·         1 mask

·         1 path


Import the layered file into Illustrator and copy all to a new file


  1. Open the file movie template .ai

  2. Paste  psd layers into this file

  3. Using the example posters as your guide create all other type in Illustrator.

  4.  Place the completed the layered Illustrator file and the layered Photoshop file into a folder called yourlastname movie poster.


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