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Single Source Essay: Using one of the patterns of development that you learned about for Paper 2 (particularly argument, cause and effect, description, or narration), create a multimodal project that utilizes that type of development.  This should be carefully constructed to address your topic effectively.  You can create a movie trailer, an infographic, a video, a narrated PowerPoint, a Slidecast, a song, a public service announcement, blog post, etc.  If you choose something that is not on this list, please be sure to talk it over with the instructor.  Your project should also have a corresponding 250-500 word reflection of the patterns you chose, your other rhetorical choices in the piece, and the difference that you feel that they made to the efficacy of your project.  Why did you choose the particular pattern/medium that you did?  What is the effect on the reader/viewer?  Do you feel that a written paper would have been more effective than your multimodal project, or vice versa?  If so, why?    


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