Compensating an Employee on a Foreign Assignment


In a 2-3 page Word document, create a detailed benefit plan and wage structure for a newly designed employee that is now required to complete a work assignment as an expatriate employee to a country of your choice. You can use the job description you used for your course project for this assignment (which I have enclosed.) Be sure to include the following:


  • Base Salary - MUST BE DETAILED
  • Equalization Benefits Tax Issues
  • Incentives
  • Compensation Plan - Individual and/or Team- MUST BE DETAILED
  • An evaluation process to ensure that appraisal system and compensation is reviewed on a scheduled time frame- MUST BE DETAILED !!!

For this project I have attached a previous job description and benefit plan that I created for this course that should be used to help assist with the detailed befnefit plan and wage structure for  an employee to a county of your choice.

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