comparison paper about gender inequality


hi, is a gender equality comparision paper.

you need to compare two countries: China, France.

Papers should be double-spaced and 12 point font and 2-3 pages.



CONTENT/ORGANIZATION:  Your paper must use research and data to compare gender inequality in your topic area in your two countries.  You must reference course concepts such as gender and economics, educational and political inequality, globalization, and development, and make connections between your topic and these issues. 


Your paper should have an introduction, a thesis, and a conclusion.


SOURCES:  You must also include the sources of your information.  You must have at least three sources for your report.  Attach a bibliography at the end of your paper.

Please consult the plagiarism guidelines in the syllabus.  Any plagiarism will result in a zero on this assignment.  It is your responsibility to avoid plagiarism; no second chances.

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