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Architecture and History

Europe, Its Colonies, and the World c. 1800

1721 Johann Fischer von Erlach, Entwurff einer historischen Architektur (1721-1742)

1745 Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Le Carceri d扞nvenzione (1745, 1761)

1753 James Dawkins and Robert Wood, The Ruins of Palmyra

1756 Jacques-Germain Soufflot, Ste. Genevi鑦e, Paris (1756-1790)

1758 Julien-David Le Roy, Ruins of the Most Beautiful Monuments of Greece

1762 James Stuart and Nicholas Revett, The Antiquities of Athens (1762-1816)

1765 Giambattista Piranesi, Thoughts on Architecture

1768 Ange-Jacques Gabriel, Le Petit Trianon, Versailles (1763-1768)

1772 Diderot and d'Alembert, Enyclop閐ie, Agriculture and Rural Economy

1784 Etienne-Louis Boull閑, Cenotaph for Newton

1789 Ledoux, Barri鑢e d扙nfer, Paris (1785-1789)

1794 Durand and Thibault, Project for a Temple of Equality submitted in the

Competitions of the Year II

1795 蓆ienne-Louis Boull閑, Architecture, Essay on Art

1804 Claude-Nicholas Ledoux, Architecture Considered in Relation to Art, Mores, and


1806 Temple Erected by the Blacks to Commemorate Their Emancipation, Haiti

1810 John Soane, Bank of England (1784-1810)

Race and Nation

1789 Langhans, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

1790 L扙nfant and Ellicot, Plan Washington, D.C.

1793 Thornton, Latrobe, Bulfinch, et al, United States Capitol, Washington, D.C.

1793 Jefferson, Thornton, Hallet, Latrobe, et al. White House, Washington, D.C.

1796 Competition for a Monument to Frederick the Great, Berlin

1798 Charles Bulfinch, Massachusetts State House, Boston

1821 Schinkel, Schauspielhaus, Berlin

1822 Johann Carl Ludwig Engel, Senate, Helsinki (1818-1822)

1823 Peter Nobile, Theseustempel (Temple of Theseus, museum), Vienna


1825 Schinkel, Schloss Charlottenhof, Sanssouci, Potsdam

1829 Karl Ivanovich Rossi, Arch of the Winter Palace, St. Petersburg (1819-1829)

1830 Leo von Klenze, Walhalla, near Regensberg (begins)

1830 Museumsinsel (from the Altesmuseum to the Pergamonmuseum)

1834 Leo von Klenze, Glyptothek, Munich (1816-1834)

1836 Pugin and Barry, Houses of Parliament, London (design begins)

1839 Hans Christian Hansen and Theophilos Eduard Hansen, National Library,

University and Academy, Athens (1839-1891)

1872 Furness and Hewitt, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Institution and Classification

1774 Jacques Gondoin, School of Surgery, Paris (1769-1774)

1785 Etienne-Louis Boull閑, Project for a National Library

1812 Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Davidge Hall, University of Maryland School of

Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland

1823 Smirke, British Museum, London

1823 Schinkel, Altes Museum, Berlin

1826 Leo von Klenze, Alte Pinakothek, Munich

1827 Thomas Jefferson, University of Virginia (1817-1827)

1833 F閘ix Duban, Ecole des Beaux Arts remodel, Paris (begins)

1833 Rohault de Fleury, greenhouses, Jardin des Plantes, Paris

1835 Schinkel, Bauakademie, Berlin (1832-1835)

1846 James Renwick, Smithsonian Institution

1848 Maximilian of Bavaria opens competition for a new style of architecture

1858 Henri Labrouste, Biblioth鑡ue Ste. Genievi鑦e (1838-1850)

1855 Universal Exposition, Paris

1860 Deane, Woodward, Skidmore, Oxford Museum, Oxford

1873 Francis Fowke and Henry Cole, South Kensington Museum, London (1863-1873)

1867 Universal Exposition, Paris

1868 Alfred Waterhouse, Natural History Museum, London

1878 Universal Exposition, Paris

1882 Alexander Vallaury, Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul

1891 Alexander Vallaury, Imperial Museum, Istanbul

Individual and Society

1751 George Dance, St. Luke抯 Lunatic Hospital, London

1768 George Dance, Newgate Prison, London

1778 Claude-Nicolas Ledoux, Salines, Arc en Senans (1774-1778)

1787 Shaker Communities

1785 Bernard Poyet, Radial Hospital Plan

1791 Jeremy Bentham, Panopticon

1797 William Latrobe, Virginia State Penitentiary

1824 Robert Owen, New Harmony, Indiana (1824-1827)

1821 Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Basilica of the National Shrine of the Assumption of the

Blessed Virgin Mary, Baltimore, Maryland

1829 John Haviland, Eastern State Penitentiary

1834 Victor Considerant, Phalanstery (after Fourier)

1851 Saltaire, Titus Salt

1859 Andr?Godin and E. Andr? Familist鑢e, Guise (begun 1859)

1840s Work and Poorhouses [see Markus]

1842 Andrew Jackson Downing, Cottage Residences

1847 Oneida Perfectionists

1849 J. S. Buckingham, National Evils and Practical Remedies. With the Plan of a

Model Town

1852 T. U. Walter, Hospital for the Insane of the Army and the Navy, Washington D.C.

1855 Amana Inspirationists

1869 Henry Hobson Richardson, Frederick Law Olmsted, Calvert Vaux, Buffalo

State Asylum for the Insane (Richard Olmsted Complex), Buffalo, New York

Nature and Resource

1772 Payne Knight, Downton Castle, Herefordshire

1777 T.F. Pritchard, Bridge over the Severn at Coalbrookdale

1777 Robert Adam, Culzean Castle, Scotland (1777-1790)

1778 Claude-Nicholas Ledoux, Salines, Arc en Senans (1774-1778)

1789 Ledoux, Barri鑢e d扙nfer, Paris (1785-1789)

1792 Horace Walpole, Strawberry Hill, Middlesex (1749-1792)

1806 B閘anger, Iron dome, Wheat market, Paris [1763 Le Camus de M閦i鑢es]

1809 Thomas Jefferson, Monticello, Virginia

1831 Henry Dearborn, Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts

1838 Ludwig Persius, Glienicke Engine House, Potsdam (1836-1838)

1847 Frederick Fiebig, Panorama of Calcutta

1853 Andrew Jackson Davis, Llewellyn Park, West Orange, New Jersey

1855 Victor Baltard, Les Halles, Paris [1852-1855]

1857 Calvert Vaux, Villas and Cottages: A Series of Design for Execution in the United


1862 Plan of Earl Manver抯 Estate, Laxton and Moorhouse

City and Territory

1769 Pierre Patte, Project for an Ideal Street

1779 James Rendell, Bengal Atlas &

1782 James Rendell, Memoir of a Map of Hindoostan

1785 Thomas Jefferson, Land Ordinance for the colonization of Western territories

1796 Gaspard Riche de Prony, Nouvelle architecture hydraulique

1840 British Ordinance Surveyors?Drawings (1789-1840)

1806 Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Latrobe Gate (Main Gate) Washington Navy Yard,

Washington D.C.

1806 Napol閛n抯 grand projects: Temple of Glory (Madeleine), Vend鬽e Column, Arc

de Triomphe, Paris

1811 Commissioners?plan for New York

1815 Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Frederick Graff, Fairmount Water Works, Philadelphia


1825 Benjamin Wright et al, Erie Canal, New York State (1817-1825)

1833 Gaspard Riche de Prony, Description hydrographique et historique des marais


1836 I.K. Brunel, Clifton Bridge over the Avon, Bristol

1838 Jacques-Ignace Hittorf, Rotonde des Panoramas, Paris

1842 Andrew Jackson Davis, United States Customs House, New York

1849 John Roebling, Delaware Aqueduct, Lacawaxen, Pennysylvania

1883 John Roebling, Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Culture and Style

1800 Garden of Perfect Brightness, Beijing (c. 1800)

1818 John Nash, Royal Pavilion, Brighton

1828 H黚sch, In welchem Style sollen wir bauen? (plates)

1836 Robert Mills, Washington Monument (original design), Washington, D.C.

1836 Robert Mills, Patent Office Building, Washington, D.C.

1837 Heinrich H黚sch, Pump Room, Baden-Baden

1838 Heinrich H黚sch, Experiments with vaulting forms

1870 Charles Barry, Houses of Parliament, London (1840-1870)

1856 Owen Jones, The Grammar of Ornament

1868 George Gilbert Scott and Matthew Digby Wyatt, Foreign Office and India Office,

Whitehall, London (1861-1868)

1872 Usul-i Mimari-i Osmani (Ottoman Architecture) (in Turkish, French, and German

but no English)

1876 Frank Furness and George Hewitt, Centennial National Bank, Philadelphia

1876 Frank Furness and George Hewitt, Brazilian Section ?Main Exhibition Building,

Centennial Exposition, Philadelphia

1878 William Ware and Henry Van Brunt, Memorial Hall at Harvard University,

Cambridge, Massachusetts (1865 ?1878)

1884 Frank Furness and George Hewitt, National Bank of the Republic, Philadelphia

1879 Frank Furness and George Hewitt, Provident Life and Trust, Philadelphia

1890 Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler, K.A.M. Synagogue (Pilgrim Baptist Church),


1891 Frank Furness and George Hewitt, University of Pennsylvania Library,


Industry and Morality

1845 Augustus Welby Pugin, Scarisbrick Hall, Lancashire (1837-1845)

1849 William Butterfield, All Saints, London

1851 Joseph Paxton, Crystal Palace, London

1859 Philip Webb, Red House for William Morris

1860 Deane, Woodward, Skidmore, Oxford Museum, Oxford

1867 New York Tenement Acts

1868 Waterhouse, Town Hall, Manchester

1880s S. S. Berman, Town of Pullman, Chicago

1880 Henry Hobson Richardson, Thomas Crane Library, Quincy, Massachusetts

1884 Henry Hobson Richardson, Allegheny Courthouse, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1890 Alfred Messel, Sickingenstrasse, Berlin

1896 Charles F. Voysey, Sturgis House, near Guilford

1902 Ludwig Hoffmann, Various bathhouses, Berlin (1897-1902)

Capital and Labor

1786 David Dale and Robert Owen, New Lanark Cotton Mills,

1790 John Soane, Bank of England

1801 Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Bank of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

1810 Charles Bulfinch, Boylston Market, Boston

1811 John Nash, Regent Street, London (begins)

1823 Lowell Mills, Lowell (open)

1834 William Strickland, Merchants?Exchange, Philadelphia (1832-1834)

1846 Jesse Hartley and Phillip Hardwick, Albert Dock, Liverpool

1856 Samuel Angell, Clothworkers?Hall, London

1863 George Gilbert Scott, Akroydon (1861-1863)

1864 Antoine-Nicolas-Louis Bailly, Tribunal de Commerce, Paris (1858-1864)

1865 A. H. Stott, Houldsworth Mill, Reddish, Lancashire

1871 Jules Saulnier, Meunier Factory and Model Town, Noisel-sur-Marne

1881 George B. Post, Produce Exchange, New York (1881-1885)

1884 Otto Wagner, State Bank, Vienna (1882-1884)

1884 George B. Post, New York Produce Exchange, New York City

1885 George B. Post, New York Cotton Exchange, New York City

1885 Henry Hobson Richardson, Marshall Field Wholesale Store, Chicago

1896 Alexander Vallaury, Ottoman Bank, Istanbul

1896 H. P. Berlage, Stock Exchange, Amsterdam

1904 George B. Post, Stock Exchange, New York (1901-1904)

Cosmopolitanism and Expertise

1869 Railway in Egypt (1854-1869)

1869 Suez Canal (1859-1869)

1869 Avoscani and Rossi, Khedivial opera house, Cairo (completed in 6 mos.)

1870 Haussmann抯 Paris (1859-1870)

1863 Charles Garnier, New Opera, Paris

1863 Olmsted & Vaux, Central Park, NY

1860s Frederick Law Olmsted, Emerald Necklace, Boston

1867 Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, New


1867 Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, Prospect Park Brooklyn, New York

1870 Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York

1872 Vienna Ring (1859-1872)

1873 Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, Morningside Park, New York City

1875 Frederick Law Olmsted, Riverside Drive and Park, New York City

1876 Frederick Law Olmsted, Mount Royal, Montreal, Quebec

1893 Daniel Burnham, John Wellborn Root, Frederick Law Olmsted, World抯

Columbian Exposition, Chicago

1899 Auguste Choisy, Histoire de l抋rchitecture, Vols. 1 & 2

1904 Auguste Choisy, L抋rt de b鈚ir chez les 蒰yptiens

Origins and Comparisons

1848 Louisa C. Tuthill, History of Architecture from the Earliest Times; Its Present

Condition in Europe and the United States

1855 James Fergusson, The Illustrated Handbook of Architecture

1896 Banister Fletcher, A History of Architecture on the Comparative Method

Machines and Meaning

1857 Victor Baltard and F閘ix-Emmanuel Callet, Les Halles, Paris (1853-1857)

1877 Henry Hobson Richardson, Trinity Church, Boston (1872-1877)

1868 Henri Labrouste, Biblioth鑡ue Nationale, Paris (1859-1868)

1886 Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root, Rookery Building, Chicago


1884 William Le Baron Jenney, Home Insurance Building, Chicago

1889 Gustave Eiffel, Eiffel Tower, Exposition Universelle, Paris

1889 Dutret, Gal閞ie des Machines, Exposition Universelle, Paris

1890 Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root, Chronicle Building, San Francisco

1892 Frank Furness, Broad Street Station Pennsylvania Railroad, Philadelphia

1892 Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root, Monadnock Building, Chicago


1895 Daniel Burnham and John Wellborn Root, Reliance Building Chicago


1899 Louis Sullivan, Carson Pirie Scott & Co. department store, Chicago (begun)

1902 Daniel Burnham, Flatiron Building, New York City

1891 Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler, Wainwright Building, St. Louis, Missouri

1894 Louis Sullivan, Guaranty Building, Buffalo, NY

1904 Frank Lloyd Wright, Larkin Building, Buffalo (1903-1904)

1903 Hendrik-Petrus Berlage, Stock Exchange, Amsterdam (1898-1903)

Metropolis and Empire

1847 Fran鏾is Duquesny, Gare de l扙st, Paris

1870 Richard Morris Hunt, Stuyvesant Apartments, New York City

1906 Grand Central Terminal, New York (1871-1906)

1873 George Gilbert Scott and Matthew Digby Wyatt, Foreign Office, London


1875 Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, Riverside, Illinois

1877 A. de Serres and Eiffel Office, Western Railway Station, Budapest (1874-1877)

1888 Port Sunlight, England

1889 Camillo Sitte, City Planning According to Artistic Principles

1889 Louis Sullivan and Dankmar Adler, Auditorium Building, Chicago

1893 Bourneville, Birmingham

1897 Otto Wagner, Vienna underground stations (1894-1897)

1895 Richard Morris Hunt, Metropolitan Museum of Art (addition), New York

1905 Raymond Unwin and Barry Parker, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London

1900 Charles F. McKim, William R. Mead, Stanford White, Columbia University

Campus, New York

1903 Daniel Burnham, Union Station, Washington, D.C.

1906 W. K. Firminger, Thacker抯 Guide to Calcutta

1910 Pennsylvania Station, Charles F. McKim, William R. Mead, Stanford White, New


1912 Walter Burley Griffin, Canberra (plan 1912)

1913 Edwin Lutyens, New Delhi (plan 1913)

1914 Eliel Saarinen, Railway Station, Helsinki (1904-1914)

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