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Compare and Contrast Biosphere, ecosystem

Compare and Contrast Biosphere, ecosystem

Submitted by Idea123 on Thu, 2012-02-09 06:39
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An ecosystem is a structural and functional unit of the biosphere. The ecosystem is a self sustaining association of plants, animals, microorganisms, and the physical environment in which they live. In the biosphere, several ecosystems exist. Usually ther

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An xxxxxxxxx xx a xxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxxxxxxx unit xx xxx xxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxx xx a xxxx sustaining xxxxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx microorganisms, and xxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx which they live. xx xxx biosphere, several ecosystems xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxx is xxxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxx energy xxxxxxx adjoining xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxx be xxxxxxx xx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx may be terrestrial as xxxx xx xxxxxxxx xxxx ecosystems xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxx glaciers. xxxxxxx ecosystem includes fresh water xxxxxxxxxx xxx marine ecosystems. xxxxxxxxxx ecosystems xxxx are xxx xxxx xxx croplands, gardens, parks, xxx xxxxxxxxxx

The biosphere xx the life supporting zone of xxx earth. xx xx the sum total of xxx the xxxxxxxxxxx The xxxxxxxxx xx the xxxxxx ecosystem integrating xxx living beings (biotic components) xxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxx the nonliving xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx of lithosphere xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx hydrosphere xxxxxxxx xxx atmosphere (air). A constant interaction between xxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx of the biosphere xxxxxxx xx the transfer xx food and energy, xxxxx makes it a dynamic xxx xxxxxx system.

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